who we are

Welcome to HOA invest – Simplifying your HOAs investment process with our streamlined automated digital recommendations.

Improving HOA investments, one community at a time

With over 25 years of industry experience, including 15 years specializing in Homeowners Association (HOA) and Association management, our team at HOA Invest is uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions for optimizing efficiency and enhancing transparency in HOA investments.

We take pride in offering a comprehensive approach that combines our investment advisory services with the power of HOA Invest Technology. This synergy allows us to revolutionize the way HOAs manage their investments, making the process more streamlined, improving decision-making, and helping to ensure compliance at a national level, including alignment with regulatory guidelines.


Our mission

The mission of HOA Invest is to empower homeowners associations (HOAs) to reduce manual processes by providing real time data for enhanced transparency, customized investment strategies, and expert guidance.

Our goal is to help HOAs –

  • Safeguard assets
  • Optimize returns
  • Promote financial stability
  • maintain a commitment to compliance and accountability

HOA Invest strives to simplify financial operations and enhance the overall well-being of communities, one investment at a time.

Our vision

Our vision for HOA Invest is to become the leading platform for homeowners associations (HOAs) by offering innovative and user-friendly financial management solutions. We aim to provide HOAs with the tools and insights they need to efficiently manage their finances, enhance transparency, and make informed investment decisions. We envision a future where HOA Invest is synonymous with trust, reliability, and excellence in HOA financial management, ultimately contributing to the financial well-being and prosperity of communities across the board.

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